Discovering Your Pathway

Discovering Your Pathway (DYP) is a comprehensive course designed to help you find and live out your purpose.

Our hope is to equip you in your journey as a Christ-follower and help you find your place here at Newbreak. As you discover your pathway around our 10 lesson course, you will interact with others who are on this journey with you, understand our shared role in bringing good news to San Diego, and learn how you can live as a good neighbor in your community.

Built around our mission statement of "connecting people with God through authentic relationships to serve communities", each lesson explores one or two topics intended to help us measure living life on mission. Please take time as you work through the sections to connect with God by prayerfully considering the Scripture passages, teaching, and questions. We encourage you to write out your answers in the downloadable workbook so you can reflect on the material and better understand how God wants to speak to you in your own life. We would love for you to join a Facebook group of others on this journey with you. There, you can talk about some of the readings and the questions and raise any questions you may have. Thanks for joining us as you discover your pathway and see what life with Jesus is all about!

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