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From Spending to Investing: Changing the Way We See Time

I love that the allotted time of each day is one of the grand equalizers of us all. Whether you are a CEO of a multi-billion dollar company or a stay-at-home-parent or anything else, we all have 24 hours in a day. Think about it: time is the one commodity so precious that you can’t purchase more no matter how…

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Why Do I Need the Holy Spirit to Talk About Jesus?

As Christ-followers, we have the joyful responsibility to share the good news of Jesus with everyone God leads us to. But how often do we consider the absolute necessity of the Holy Spirit’s empowerment in leading in the task? To be honest, we could share Jesus with others without any help from the Holy Spirit. It is possible! But there…

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When the Ink of Scripture Spills Over Into Our Lives

God is at work in our lives every day, but are we watching for it? Self-awareness is a great starting point as we begin to see the ways in which God is using all things in our life to craft our God story. But this is not simply self-serving, Scripture tells us that our lives become living letters of the…

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We Are Called to Be Storytellers!

Every one of our lives tells a story. What story does yours tell? As Christians, we are people who heard the “good news” (that is the meaning of gospel) and we believed it for ourselves. But it doesn’t end there—or at least it shouldn’t. That is because we are not meant to only believe the good news, but also to…

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Kingdom Builders Funds People and Projects Around the World

Kingdom Builders is how Newbreak funds the people and projects working both locally and globally to bring the life-changing gift of God’s grace to their world. Through generous giving above and beyond our tithe, we are able to share God’s love and His message of hope amongst communities here in San Diego, across the border in Mexico, and around the…

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What It Means to “Honor” One Another

Love one another deeply as brothers and sisters. Take the lead in honoring one another. (Romans 12:10, CSB) Most of us are interested in the idea of “honoring one another”—it sounds like a great idea! But what does that even mean? The Greek word for the noun “honor” is timē (pronounced tim-aye) appears 41x in the New Testament. The verb…

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