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Legacy-Defining Moments Occur During Hardship

It is unlikely that Paul wished that some of his last years would be spent confined to a rented house in Rome. Yet, Paul found himself forced into house arrest by the Roman authorities. Times like this can make us relate to Paul in a whole new way! Sure, our situation is not one of persecution, like Paul’s was, but…


Leading Your Home While Social Distancing

Looking around at the grocery store, it is easy to notice the despair on people's faces. As Americans, we don't usually face uncertainty, at least, not like this. Here is where being a Christ-follower makes all the difference! The Newbreak staff has been constantly encouraging one another to make the most of this opportunity. And so we wanted to share…


How Can I Be The Church During A Crisis?

Ever hear someone say “church isn't a building, it's the people?” Well, that sentiment was on full display this past weekend as the coronavirus crisis hit home for many. Churches throughout the country shut their doors to physical gatherings and moved to online services in order to reduce the spread of the virus. Social media feeds filled with images of…


Suffering is Tough, But We Are Too!

You can make the right choices and do the right things and still walk into a season of suffering. Why is that? Because suffering comes as surely as the high-tide of the ocean. “Suffering is the common thread in all our garments,” Charles Swindoll says. Every person faces it. So what do we do? We may not be able to…


What Is Lent And What Am I Supposed To Do?

Ever hear of a fish fry? Well, if you grew up in the Midwest or Northeast, you may be very familiar with this weekly event every spring. Advertisements in restaurant windows and banners for community dinners draw even the most reluctant of us to see what this feast is all about. Now if you were raised in a liturgical church,…


Collaborating Together Despite Our Differences

One thing we could learn from the most recent impeachment trial is that America is more divided than ever. We have come to accept that votes on a variety of issues will simply fall along party lines. We wonder if people really focus on the individual positions or policies. Every topic seems to be polarizing. Facebook has become a platform…


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