Newbreak Kids

A fun Bible-centered program designed with hands on learning, music, crafts, story time and games for kids 3 months through 5th grade, as well as a Champion's Club that is specialized in ministering to kids ages 4-11 with special needs and the medically fragile.


About Newbreak Kids

Newbreak Kids is offered at all three in-person campuses.

We handpick the very best team members and leaders who love kids and are passionate about connecting them with a God who loves them even more. While you're at church, your children are in a safe, clean environment designed with them in mind. In addition to in-person experiences for your children, we offer online church resources for the whole family! We want our kids to have online options for the lessons and experiences they would otherwise enjoy during their regular kids' church service.

Family Church

When you subscribe via email for Family Church, you will receive weekly access to video resources, activity pages, memory verse resources, and family discussion questions.

If you're a family attending Newbreak Church for the first time, please plan to arrive about 15 minutes early. We want to meet you and your children, walk with you through our safe and secure registration process, and introduce you to our leaders. All of our team members and leaders are personally interviewed and trained, and pass national background checks. They are then paired in each room to care for and lead your children from the moment church starts until the service ends. We'd love to meet your family, so find a location and please join us this weekend.

At each of our campuses, children are welcome to join their families in the main gathering, but most prefer to participate in our Newbreak Kids program. Babies from 3-23 months are cuddled and cared for in our nursery and toddler rooms. Preschoolers (age 2 and up) through to fifth-graders all attend services in their age-appropriate rooms where they will find music, lessons, and activities designed to be FUN and interactive!

At Newbreak, we gather together for weekend services, but during the week, we meet in smaller groups to build authentic relationships in Life Groups. While adults and older students meet together in their chosen life group, we host programs at each campus for your children, aged 3 months to 5th grade. If you plan to participate in a Life Group during the week, then please register your kids ahead of time in our corresponding Midweek Program.

God designed the family to be our very first community. The family is the perfect place to learn about God and His ways. But we know raising children isn't easy and it takes an entire community to help children thrive. We delight in partnering with you as you commit to raising your child to know God and to do life in a community that is here to support you each step of the way. If you want more information, please email us.

  • Our Beliefs: While we wait to baptize children until they are old enough to make a decision about their faith, we take seriously God's instruction to teach children about His love and His plans for successful living (Deuteronomy 6:4-9). This doesn't just happen when children attend church, but takes place each and every day as we live our lives. While God placed children in families, He placed families in communities so we could support each other and help to raise children who know and love God. That's why we make a formal commitment together as an entire community of believers to the children and families who call Newbreak home.
  • Service: We celebrate a family's commitment to raise their children to love God through a short ceremony during our weekend worship service. Dedication is a commitment by the parent(s) to train and teach their child biblical principles, to trust in God, and to do this together in a community of believers. Our child dedication service allows us to join together and say we will support our families in raising children to know and love Jesus and we will live our lives in a way that models God's love to these little ones growing up in our midst.

Kids Need Your Help

Parents struggle to articulate the difficult circumstances going on in the world with our children at age appropriate levels, especially when we ourselves may be struggling too.

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