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The weekend worship experience at one of our campuses is where we begin our week. But it is in weekly small groups where we truly find a place to belong. Life Groups provide a safe place for us to know and be known, love and be loved, serve and be served, and to celebrate our walk with Christ together! Here we find understanding and support, opportunities to learn more about God and ourselves, and relationships that sustain us. All of our Newbreak staff, including our pastors, are in Life Groups. Why not join one with us too!

Life Group Types

Getting Started

These groups are where we recommend you get started if you are new to Newbreak.


Come join our variety of Women’s groups that provide community and accountability.


Come join our variety of Men’s groups that provide community and accountability.


These groups are co-ed groups that cover a variety of topics and curriculum.


These groups work through material that assist married couples in growing strong Christ centered marriages.


These specialized groups bring added support in areas such as Griefshare, Celebrate Recovery, and Divorce Care.


These groups bring people together through various activities in the Newbreak Community.


These groups provide Jr. and Sr. high students the tools to grow in their faith at home, with friends, and at school.

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Weekly Curriculum

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