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We want to be your biggest resource. Whether you are new to faith or new to Newbreak, you can choose the Next Steps course and learn how your new faith intersects with your life. If you are looking to explore a little more about this faith and how you may play a larger role in the church and how we engage our community, then Discovering Your Pathway is the course for you.

Next Steps

Do you have a desire to grow in your faith but don’t know what to do next? Our Next Steps Class is a quick, 4-session video course meant to share with you the heart-beat of Newbreak Church. By learning about who we are, we hope to empower you to have clear and tangible next steps to act as a catalyst…

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Discovering Your Pathway

New to faith, new to Newbreak, or maybe even both? Discovering Your Pathway — or DYP as we like to call it — is designed to help you find and live out your purpose. Our hope is to equip you in your journey as a Christ-follower and help you find your place here at Newbreak. As you discover your pathway…

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