The Relationship Conference

We are designed by God for relationships. But if they add so much meaning and depth to our lives, then why are they so challenging? Why do so many of us struggle, wishing we had more help? Throughout this course you learn from experienced speakers and professionals on how you can cultivate the most important relationships in your life: marriage, parenting, and friendship. You'll finish the course with practical tools, wisdom and ideas on how to involve God at the center of your relationships and how to help them thrive in the ways God designed.

Spring 2021 Course Overview

  • The Pursuit in Marriage
  • Conflict and Communication in Marriage
  • Building Secure Attachments
  • Parenting through Childhood Phases
  • Parenting in a Pandemic
  • Practical Parenting... in a Pandemic
  • What You Wish Your Parents Knew

Work through all of the course lessons or choose the lessons you want. As always, Newbreak Church is here for you San Diego. Please feel free to reach out and ask any and all questions via our contact form and one of our team members will reach out to you for any and all assistance.