Kingdom Builders

"Your Kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven."

Kingdom Builders is how we fund the people and projects working both locally and globally to bring the life-changing gift of God's grace to their world. Newbreak works with a variety of partners and projects to bring God's love and His message of hope to the world. We advance social justice by answering the call to fight the inequalities and wrongs suffered by various people. We partner with various organizations to provide under-resourced individuals and communities with access to basic human needs. Our efforts to develop future Christian leaders range from empowering the next generation of missionaries and Christian leaders to extending the reach of the local and global church through church planting, parenting, and mentoring leaders.

Robert Wachs

"One of the things I love most about Newbreak Church is the passion our church community has for serving communities; it is the heart of those who call Newbreak home. That has never been more evident than during this past year when, despite being in the midst of a global pandemic, Newbreak nearly doubled Kingdom Builders giving over the prior year. My prayer is that you will join us in 2021 to do even more — to build more houses, to provide more families with clean drinking water, to educate more children, to free more women from human trafficking, and to reach even more people with the love of Jesus." - Pastor Robert Wachs

Kingdom Builder's 2021 Commitment
"My prayer is that you will join us in 2021 to do even more — to build more houses, to provide more families with clean drinking water, to educate more children, to free more women from human trafficking, and to reach even more people with the love of Jesus." - Pastor Robert Wachs
As an act of faith, what amount do you commit to giving to Kingdom Builder's in 2021, over and above your regular tithe?

Advancing Social Justice

Give justice to the weak and the fatherless, maintain the right of the afflicted and the destitute” Psalm 82:3

Fueled with the love of Christ, we engage issues of injustice by protecting and educating the vulnerable, rescuing the victims, and empowering the oppressed and marginalized of society.

Access To Education. Poverty and despair can steal away the dreams of children, but through our partnership with ChildHope, we are providing hope and a bright future to children living in Latin America. ChildHope transforms children from the inside out by providing a quality education and social skills that build the confidence needed to break the cycle of poverty. At the same time, children are learning about the eternal hope of Jesus. Join us in August 2020 when a Newbreak Missions Team will travel to Costa Rica to continue to sponsor and serve a ChildHope school.

Protection From Exploitation And Abuse. Every year 7,000 girls as young as 8 are trafficked from Nepal to India and sold for as little as $15. Global Family rescues victims of trafficking by providing immediate shelter, assessment, medical care and legal care. 95% of the girls they rescue return home. The others are placed in a long term family care shelter known as The Daughter Project. Here the girls grow up in a home setting and attend school. Through Kingdom Builders, Newbreak has partnered with Daughter Project to provide the funding for one home in Nepal.

Connection For Displaced Families. In 2016 and 2017, San Diego County received the largest number of Syrian Refugees -- more than any other county in the United States. Bridge Builders Network advocates for these families’ integration and well-being. They host several events throughout the year and provide opportunities for Syrian families to connect with American families and build friendship. Through Kingdom Builders, we partner with Bridge Builders to bring hope and a sense of security to these families. Join us for Homework Club where we meet every week to help Syrian Students with schoolwork.

Meeting Basic Human Needs

“Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.” 1 John 3:18

We act compassionately to provide water, health care, and shelter to those who are underserved by installing water filters to eliminate disease, caring for the sick, and building houses.

Clean Water To Drink. Clean drinking water is one of the greatest physical needs in the world. Through Kingdom Builders and our partnerships with the Last Well and Give Clean Water we are on a mission to provide everyone in Liberia and Fiji, border to border, with clean water and the gospel by the end of 2020. In July of 2020, join us as our Kingdom Builders generosity along with a Newbreak Missions Team will provide clean drinking water to each household in the Kirakira region of Makira in the Solomon Islands, preparing the way for people to hear the Gospel the next week.

Basic Health Care. Regardless of where someone lives, they should have access to basic medical care. However, many of our neighbors just south of us in Tijuana do not have access to routine medical care, health and wellness screenings, or vision or dental treatment. Mexican Medical Ministries is providing this service to the poorest of the poor through medical brigades. At the brigades, people are welcomed by loving volunteers who bring healing and hope to the people of Mexico. Newbreak partners with them by participating in and sponsoring the brigades. Join us for our next one-day trip in September 2020. 

A Home To Live In. Shelter is a basic need and not having a home puts tremendous stress on a family. It can lead to family separation as parents will send their children away to live in orphanages. It can foster illness and poor education: without adequate protection from the elements, children get sick more often and miss school. When a family in Tijuana receives a home, they don't just receive shelter. They get a foundation for the future. Through Kingdom Builders and teams from Newbreak, we make several trips a year to Tijuana to build homes for families. Join us for our annual Memorial Day House Build where adults, students, and families from various Newbreak campuses partner together to build several houses over the three-day weekend.

Developing Future Leaders

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” Matthew 28:19

We take action to provide funding for Bible translations and to equip, support, and educate pastors and missionaries around the world, while raising up the next generation of leaders. 

Translating the Bible. As the largest vernacular language in Papua New Guinea with over 300,000 speakers, Enga has one of the greatest Bible translation needs in all of Papua New Guinea. Newbreak has been partnering with Wycliffe by sponsoring six full-time Enga Bible Translators. In under five years, they have completed a draft of the entire New Testament. However, the bulk of the Old Testament still remains untranslated in the Enga Language. Stories of Creation and the Exodus as well as the psalms and prophetic writings all remain clouded in a second language to the Enga people. We are committed to see the entire Bible translated into the Enga Language.

Supporting New Churches. From its own beginnings as a church plant, Newbreak then went on to start or support additional church campuses throughout San Diego and presently, continues to plant new churches throughout the world while also mentoring new church leaders. Sometimes a community has a church building, but needs a pastor. Sometimes a community has a group meeting together, but needs a building. Sometimes a new leader has a vision for starting a church, but needs mentoring and resources to see that dream grow. Newbreak partners in all these ways to help bring the gospel to ever-expanding communities of people.

Empowering the Next Generation

We want the next generation to serve, give, and extend God's love beyond what we could even envision. Newbreak intentionally invests in opportunities for today's youth to grow in their relationship with God, to develop skills as leaders, to gain experience in serving others, to travel to areas to build God's Kingdom, and to learn what it means to love God with one's whole heart, soul, mind, and strength. Newbreak's desire is to send more missionaries to join the dozens throughout the globe that Newbreak already supports.

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