Welcome to Ocean Beach Campus

We have two services at 9am and 10:45am, with an option to view the livestream outdoors.

About the Ocean Beach Campus

Ocean Beach

Plan Your Visit
We're so glad you're planning to visit us! Upon arrival, you can expect to be greeted warmly and directed to the auditorium. We look forward to meeting you soon.
Kids get to worship with their individual families as well as have the opportunity to attend classroom cohorts. We will have a goodie bag you can pick up as you enter to help your kids interact during service in their own way. Our teams will clean and sanitize before and between all services. You're encouraged to connect with a team member at the blue tent, or any person with a lanyard and name tag to get connected! Our prayer team will be available on the patio for physically distanced prayer. We follow the guidelines set forth by the CDC here at Newbreak Tierrasanta.
  • If you are sick or have any symptoms (cough, fever, runny nose, headaches, etc.) we ask that you attend church online with us.
  • If you are in the high risk category, have family members who are high risk, or aren’t ready to worship with us in person, we completely understand! We would love to worship with you online at https://newbreaksd.online.church

What to Expect

Practical preaching. Inspiring worship. Lifelong connections for you and your kids.

Carter Moss is our Newbreak Ocean Beach campus pastor.

Carter Moss, Ocean Beach Campus Pastor

Carter Moss has been the Campus Pastor of our Newbreak Ocean Beach for six years. He loves finding new ways to serve the community and making faith practical in people's lives. He lives in OB with his wife and son (while his older two kids are gone at college). Carter has co-authored several leadership development resources, written for a variety of publications, and taught at various conferences on leadership, community development, and ministry. When he's not at church, he's playing beach volleyball, catching a live concert, or doing stand-up comedy at an open mic.

Weekly Lyrics

I was buried beneath my shame
Who could carry that kind of weight
It was my tomb 'til I met You

I was breathing but not alive
All my failures I tried to hide
It was my tomb 'til I met You

You called my name
(and) I ran out of that grave
Out of the darkness
Into Your glorious day
You called my name
(and) I ran out of that grave
Out of the darkness
Into Your glorious day

Now Your mercy has saved my soul
Now Your freedom is all that I know
The old made new
Jesus when I met You

I needed rescue
My sin was heavy
But chains break at the weight of Your glory
I needed shelter
I was an orphan
Now You call me a citizen of Heaven

When I was broken
You were my healing
Now Your love is the air that I'm breathing
I have a future
My eyes are open

Cuz When You Called my name
I ran out of that grave

In the crushing
In the pressing
You are making new wine
In the soil
I now surrender
You are breaking new ground
(You are breaking new ground)

So I yield to You and to Your careful hand
When I trust You I don't need to understand

(So) Make me Your vessel
Make me an offering
Make me whatever You want me to be
(God) I came here with nothing
But all You have given me
Jesus bring new wine out of me

Jesus bring new wine out of me
Jesus bring new wine out of me

'Cause where there is new wine
There is new power
There is new freedom
And the kingdom is here
I lay down my old flames
To carry Your new fire today

Before I spoke a word, You were singing over me
You have been so, so good to me
Before I took a breath, You breathed your life in me
You have been so, so kind to me

Oh the overwhelming, never-ending
Reckless love of God
Oh it chases me down, fights 'til I’m found
Leaves the ninety-nine
I couldn’t earn it, I don’t deserve it
Still you give yourself away
Oh the overwhelming, never-ending
Reckless love of God

When I was your foe, still your love fought for me
You have been so, so good to me
When I felt no worth, You paid it all for me
You have been so, so kind to me

There’s no shadow you won't light up
Mountain you won’t climb up, coming after me
There’s no wall you won't kick down
No lie you won’t tear down, coming after me

Life Group Leader Spiritual Retreat

Feeling tired, worn out and needing spiritual refreshment? Join us for our upcoming Life Group Leader Spiritual Retreat on Saturday, October 16th. We'll be meeting from 10am-1pm at the Ocean Beach Campus!

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