Making a Difference

If your church ceased to exist, would your community even notice? This is a question we ask a lot around Newbreak. We want to make a difference in our local communities, serving our neighbors in tangible ways, and revealing a God who wants to show up in our daily lives.

A Good Neighbor to Scripps Ranch High School

During Covid the restrictions, SRHS once again needed more paper and once again Newbreak Church came to the rescue. Facing a shortage of disposable masks for the nurse's office and staff, the high school once again turned to Newbreak for assistance. "Newbreak Church has been providing donations ad assisting us for years; both during COVID times and prior to that. They consistently ask us, "What can our congregation do to help?" said Scripps Ranch High School clerk Laura White.

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Strong Biblical Based Church

We've been Newbreakers for 7 years now. Strong biblical based Christian Church. The best music and worship experience in SD! Pastor Mike is an OBecian at heart and his connection to people and the ocean is wonderfully present. We go to Tierra Santa and OB campuses.

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Newbreak Donates to Scripps Ranch High School

Newbreak Church learned that Scripps Ranch High School (SRHS) was running low on masks at its campus this school year, so its members donated 2,400 masks in early-September.

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Seaside Family Zone sponsored by Newbreak

A huge thank you to Newbreak Church for sponsoring the Seaside Family Fun Zone. Unleash your creative side at The Rad Hatter booth in Saratoga Park. Create a fun up-cycled hat that you can don throughout the festival and show your OB spirit.

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We love Newbreak Church.

We truly love God, love people and love to learn more of His Word together. The teaching is straight from the Bible, and all the men and women of the Pastoral staff (yes, you read that right!) are Godly, humble and committed to seeing everyone (regardless of where they are on their journey towards God) grow in peace, love, joy, faithfulness, kindness, gentleness and self-control.

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Ocean Beach Couple Builds a Skate Ramp for Tijuana Orphanage

After participating in mission trips to Mexico’s cities through Ocean Beach’s Newbreak Church, Means and Clark decided to put together their own “hands-on project” in Mexico.

Just like family.

"Best church around great environment. Very open and understanding. Just like family."

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For many years I avoided churches.

I can honestly say that it had been more then a decade since I have felt fellowship from a church and wanted to return. If you are looking for a traditional Christian church you're welcome to attend but you might find that NewBreak is not your cup or tea. However if you're looking for a church of Christ Followers who truly try to follow and live the preaching then please come on by.

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