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The temperature outside might still be screaming "summer", but the calendar is telling us it's time to enter the Fall. Kids are going back to school, schedules and routines are getting readjusted, and here at Newbreak, many of our Life Groups are starting up again after a summer break! If you are not in a life group, now is the perfect time to join one! Our groups meet in various homes and locations throughout San Diego and explore a wide variety of topics and interests. If you aren't sure where to start, join a Discovering Your Pathway group by clicking on the "Find Your Path" button below. Or click on the "Groups" button above to find a different group that sparks your interest. See you this weekend!

Discovering Your Pathway

Discovering Your Pathway -- sometimes called DYP -- is one of Newbreak's life groups that is offered at every campus. It is designed for those who are new to faith, new to our church, new to attending a weekly bible study, or for those just looking for a basic refresher on foundations of faith.

Everyone who attends this life group receives a copy of the DYP Course Curriculum, specifically designed to help people understand Newbreak's mission of "connecting people with God through authentic relationships to serve communities". Each week, you will have a daily lesson with scripture to read, a teaching to consider, and questions to answer. If you've never been through a DYP Life Group, we would love to have you join one.

Current Series

Tale of Three Kings

We all have days filled with bad attitudes, entitled thoughts, and negative emotions. But if we don't deal with them, we're soon navigating issues like resentment . . .  rebellion . . . or maybe even regret. These topics made for some hard lessons for three biblical kings and only one of them got out alive! Let's learn from their stories so we can write a successful chapter in the story we're writing.

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