Newbreak Church is the Right Church for Your Family in San Diego

With the safest children’s ministry in San Diego, a thriving student ministry for your junior high and high school teens, a Life Group ministry that meets the needs of every adult in homes and online, and a church that worships and serves together while giving back to their community, Newbreak Church is the right church for your San Diego family.

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Newbreak Kids is a Bible-centered program designed with hands-on learning, music, crafts, story time, and games for your child from three months through the fifth grade.

Our children’s ministry is offered live in-person on every campus every weekend. We handpick the very best team members and leaders who love kids and are passionate about connecting them with God. While you're at church, your children are in a safe, clean environment designed with them in mind. If you're a family attending Newbreak Church for the first time, please plan to arrive about 15 minutes early. We want to meet your family, walk with you through our registration process, and introduce you leaders.

Children are welcome to join their families in the main gathering, though most prefer our Newbreak Kids program. Additionally, babies from 3-23 months are cuddled and cared for in our nursery and toddler rooms. Preschoolers (age 2 and up) through to fifth-graders all attend services in their age-appropriate rooms. Here we have interactive music, lessons, and activities designed to be fun!

All our leaders are interviewed and trained, pass background checks, and are paired to care for your children every day.

Newbreak Students grow to become world-changers as they find themselves in Jesus.

We strive to connect students with a God who loves them no matter what. We encourage students to grow in relationships with peers and leaders to navigate the challenges of growing into adulthood. And we provide opportunities for students to see the power they have to serve and radically impact their individual communities.

At each of our campuses, students are welcome to join their family in the main gathering for the entire service. At various campuses, students could instead choose to connect in the Student Ministry Program unique to their location. Life change happens when we meet in smaller groups to build authentic relationships in Life Groups. For Students, that looks like a midweek Youth Group for fun, games, worship, prayer, a short message.


Tierrasanta Students provide safe spaces for all students.

There's enough pressure on students these days. From increased demands at school to greater competitiveness in sports to decisions about college and career to concerns about friends struggling with difficult issues, your student needs a partner with their best interest in mind.

Studying at Canyon Hills High School is a rewarding experience. We want to elevate your life with a student ministry that cares where you go, cares about the students you go there with, and helps you achieve your life’s goals as a Christian at whatever college or work experience God has prepared for you. Our High School Life Groups will learn about Jesus in a safe environment. The night will consist of Worship, a Message, and then Students will break into Life Groups. We will have games, prizes, and snacks as we build a fun community that strives to follow after Jesus.

Whether you’re at a charter or at De Portola Middle School, we set you up for success on your campus. The Middle is a Sunday service just for our Middle Schoolers. Students will learn about Jesus in a safe environment, at a level that best suits their specific needs. Messages will loosely mirror our messages in the main sanctuary which will help create conversations between you and your teens. There will also be a lot of fun along the way! We will have games, prizes, and snacks as we build a community that strives to follow after Jesus.

Scripps Ranch Students provide safe spaces for all students.

We love students and we BELIEVE in their capacity to be world-changers. This generation is called to do big things for God's kingdom. We want to help support and equip them as they serve and spread God's love in their world. Middle and High school students combine every Sunday for worship, games and a message. We’ve created a space for the whole family on Sundays with an age incorporated church, kids ministry, and service!

Located down the street from Thurgood Marshall Middle School, our Scripps Ranch campus seeks to empower your middle school student for a life worth living for Jesus. At our weekly Middle School gatherings, we snack, hang out, play games, worship, hear a short message and then break into life groups by grade and gender to dive deeper into the message we just heard. The coolest part about MS Gatherings?! We have High School leaders in every life group! This allows our MS students to build relationships with their peers that we know are making a positive influence.

And while it is easy to get lost on any campus and become another face in the crowd, we want all our high school students and those attending Scripps Ranch High School to know this is a place where we can help you succeed in faith and life. At our midweek gathering, we snack, hang out, play games, worship and dive into the Scripture through a message. We do this every other week to meet HS students where they’re at, in the midst of a busy schedule.

Life Groups are one of our favorite parts of HS Student Ministry. It creates a space for students to build relationships with their leaders and peers in a smaller setting. This allows them to break down walls and open up to a community.

Ocean Beach Students provide safe spaces for all students.

Newbreak provides a safe place for students from all backgrounds and beliefs to connect and find people who will accept them. It's hard to find a place to just "be". We provide a safe place for students to connect with their peers and leaders. It is through these authentic connections that we show a non-judgmental Jesus.

Our heart for youth ministry is creating an environment where students can know they are loved by God and have a purpose from God, from students at Warren Walker School, to Pioneer day School and Mission Bay High School, and more. We created a safe and fun space to explore our faith as a combined junior high and high school ministry. Our student leaders  love to see our students serve in every area of our church. We have students who serve on the worship team, tech booth, hospitality, kids min and beyond. Students are also welcome to go on mission trips and all of our local outreaches.

The weekend worship experience is where we begin our week. But it is in Life Groups where we truly find a place to belong.

Life Groups provide a safe place for us to know and be known, love and be loved, serve and be served, and to celebrate our walk with Christ together! Here we learn more about God, find understanding and support, and discover new ways to live our faith through service. All of our Newbreak staff, including our pastors, are in Life Groups.

"If you're wondering what Life Groups are all about, here's my heart: Life Groups are designed to build your faith and meaningful relationships, while serving together. But for me, it's about spending time with friends while growing closer to God. It's really just that simple, and that's why I encourage others to be a part of them too."

Pastor Brooks Fuller

These small groups are a key aspect of our church community (some would say the most key aspect). Most meet weekly in the home of a group member (usually the leader's home). We try to keep them limited to about 12 people, focusing on the groups for men and women both combined and separate, married couples and singles, support groups like divorced support, addiction recovery, and mental health. This is a way we can do church in a more authentic, relational, and grace-filled community.

Kingdom Builders Kids

While our weekend worship experience sets the stage for our week in worship and the content we discuss in our relational Life Groups, Newbreak Church serves San Diego through Kingdom Builders.

Kingdom Builders at Newbreak Church is how we fund the people and projects working both locally and globally to bring the life-changing gift of God's grace to their world. Newbreak works with partners and projects to bring God's love and His message of hope to the world. We advance social justice by answering the call to fight the inequalities and wrongs suffered by various people. We partner with various organizations to provide under-resourced individuals and communities with access to basic human needs.

Kingdom Builders focuses our efforts in three areas, ensuring we are a Christ-centered community:

  1. Advancing Social Justice: Fueled with the love of Christ, we engage issues of injustice by protecting and educating the vulnerable, rescuing the victims, and empowering the oppressed and marginalized of society.
  2. Meeting Basic Human Needs: Newbreak Church acts compassionately to provide water, health care, and shelter to those who are underserved by installing water filters to eliminate disease, caring for the sick, and building houses.
  3. Developing Future Leaders: We take action to provide funding for Bible translations and to equip, support, and educate pastors and missionaries around the world, while raising up the next generation of leaders.

We want the next generation to serve, give, and extend God's love beyond what we could even envision. Newbreak intentionally invests in opportunities for today's youth to grow in their relationship with God, to develop skills as leaders, to gain experience in serving others, to travel to areas to build God's Kingdom, and to learn what it means to love God with one's whole heart, soul, mind, and strength. Newbreak's desire is to send more missionaries to join the dozens throughout the globe that Newbreak already supports.

Newbreak Church is the Right Church for Your Family in San Diego

Newbreak Church has the safest children’s ministry in San Diego, a thriving student ministry for your junior high and high school teens in Ocean Beach, Tierrasanta, and Scripps Ranch, a Life Group ministry that meets the needs of every adult in homes and online, and a church that worships and serves together while giving back to their community.

If you are looking for a church that partners with you and your family, is preparing your children for a successful faith-filled life, provides a support network for you to succeed as an adult, and a church that genuinely cares about its community locally and and globally, then Newbreak Church is the right church for you and your family in San Diego. To get started with your faith journey at Newbreak, start by contacting the church office, learn about the church and how you can be involved with our Next Steps course, or join a service at any one of our three local campuses in Tierrasanta, Scripps Ranch, or Ocean Beach. And if you want to check things out before you show up for the first time, feel free to watch any on-demand sermon or check out our Online Campus where we livestream every service live from our Tierrasanta campus.