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How Am I A Witness 2000 Years After The Fact?

In a legal trial, a vital witness can make or break a case. A witness is someone who has first-hand knowledge of an event that has transpired. They come into a courtroom and answer questions about what they saw, something they may have heard, or share information they have learned about a particular issue. While all of that is awfully…

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How Pentecost Lights a Fire in the Disciples

The Book of Acts begins with Jesus telling the disciples to stay in Jerusalem as they would be “baptized with the Holy Spirit.” (Acts 1:5). And in Acts 2, this very event takes place during Pentecost as the disciples are filled with the Holy Spirit and empowered to speak in different languages. But in between Jesus’ instruction and the Holy Spirit’s…

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What Makes the Difference in How We Process the Past?

It’s truly amazing how much power the past can have in influencing our present lives. The past can be full of lessons learned, or hindrances that hold us back, even today! In last week’s message, we saw how Judas’ final choices led to a great deal of pain that the disciples had to process so that they could progress forward.…

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New Beginnings In An Ongoing Story

The author of Acts is none other than Luke, the loyal companion of Paul and the author of the third Gospel account. Acts tells the stories of how the church started, and there are plenty of new events and activities that take place. New individuals like the Apostle Paul come on the scene, new cities like Philippi and Ephesus become…

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