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Why Sabbath is Way More Powerful Than a “Day Off”

Do you ever feel hurried or overwhelmed? I know I have. I remember taking a break from what felt like constant tasks and to-do lists to actually breathe for a moment. There I thought to myself: “I cannot sustain this pace much longer.” That’s when I knew I needed a fresh encounter with God’s gift of Sabbath—which led me to…

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Carter Moss and Newbreak Church are Committed to Ocean Beach

“If your church were to have close down, would your community even notice, and would they care?” I heard this question several years ago, and little did I know that it would become a question that drives me and shapes everything about how I approach “doing church.” It really opened my eyes to the idea that church was never meant to be just…

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How is the Pace of Your Life?

How is the pace of your life? Seriously, how is it? Most of us would answer that with the response “busy”? But is busy the pace we desire? Busy weeks certainly are inevitable but what about the normative week. Do you find every week being busy beyond what you hope for? While the year is still young, and new year…

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Setting Some Spiritual Goals for 2021

“New year, new you!” Right? Well, not exactly. For as much hype as a turn of the calendar brings, rarely do people actually put the effort into actually becoming the person they say they will become. There is usually a gap between our new year’s resolutions and our regimens to get there. While goals can break down into many different…

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How Memory Cultivates Courage

Everyone has a condition, and only some are aware of it. But whether you acknowledge it or not, it affects you. It can even become a dangerous condition–it is called “spiritual amnesia.” Yes, spiritual amnesia is very real. It is our innate and undying propensity to forget the goodness of God and then doubt Him because of it. The great…

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“Prince of Peace,” A Perplexing Title For Jesus

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called…Prince of Peace. (Isaiah 9:6) “Prince of Peace” is a beloved title for Jesus’s identity, foretold by Isaiah. In fact, it is the climactic title of the list! But the original Hebrew construction Sar Shalom is far…

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