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What If We Miss How God Wants Us to Prosper?

Honest question: Does following God always lead to prosperity? It depends on how we define prosperity. It would be a great task to develop a whole biblical theology on what “prosperity” or “flourishing” looks like (in fact, we wrote about it from one angle in this blog HERE). But for today, let’s consider a narrative from a famous person in…

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Be All That You Can Be

“Be all that you can be.” For over 20 years, the US Army used this slogan to recruit young people to join its ranks. Posters, tv commercials, catchy jingles and inspiring images were part of a very successful ad campaign that increased not only the number but the quality of recruits. The reason why? Perhaps it has something to do…

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close up photography of rainbow rays on eye

Why Jesus Cares So Much About Our “Eyes”

Have you ever read a passage and thought to yourself, “I have no idea what this means!” Within Jesus’s famous Sermon on the Mount, there are a few ancient idioms that may be glossed over if we don’t dig a little deeper than a surface-level reading. Matthew 6:22-23 is one of those. 22 “The eye is the lamp of the body.…

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3 Things I Wish I Knew as a Newer Mom

Let’s call it as it is. Being a mom is one of the hardest and thankless jobs there are. So much is done that no one sees. And how often do people stop to thank you when everything goes as planned? This Mother’s Day, we wanted to glean some wisdom from Pastor JoAnn Johnson, who serves as the Executive Pastor…

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Have You Considered the Flowers?

“How are you doing today?” How do you typically answer this question? Many of us tend to default to superficial answers of “good” or “fine.” But maybe we’ll give a more honest answer like “stressed,” “worried,” or “anxious.” Daily anxiety is the norm for the average American and Christians are not exempt. Whether we like it or not we are…

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How You Are Free From Sin

Identity is everything. And how we perceive our identity is just as important. As Christians, our relationship to Jesus changes our identity in such a drastic manner that it would take years to truly unpack the riches of it! The book of Romans follows a long argument of Paul’s in how the righteousness of God has been revealed through faith…

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