How Repentance is Like a GPS

black Tesla car GPS navigator

What do you think of when you hear the word “repentance?” Do you think of abrasive men with beards holding signs that say: “Turn or burn”? It is not uncommon for people, even Christians, to have a “bad taste in their mouths” regarding certain biblical words or concepts—and “repentance” is often at the top of…

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In Times of Need Who Do You Call? (And Don’t Say “Ghost Busters”)

sun reflection on calm water near green mountains

Regardless of our age, many of us would answer the question “Who you gonna call?” by shouting “Ghost Busters!” That movie and the lyrics from its theme song are part of our popular culture. But how would we answer when the question is more real than that? In times of need, we know that Christ-followers are supposed to…

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