When Attenders Become Contenders

man holding book on road during daytime

What are you passionate about? A sports team? The latest technology? Your car? Your garden? Whatever it is, you could tell us a lot about it! You could probably unpack the history regarding that subject, along with practical, and fun facts. All of us are learners when it comes to things we are interested in.…

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How Do I Overcome Recurring Negative Thoughts?

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Have you ever considered comparing our thought life to living on a busy street? Our minds are like a busy street, a place where thoughts of all kinds (negative and positive; false and true) drive by. We cannot stop the flow of traffic, but we can choose which thoughts are allowed to park in our…

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Can’t Sleep? Try This (It’s Better Than Counting Sheep!)

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Have you ever been so exhausted but couldn’t sleep? The feeling is agonizing. Your body is worn out, your eyes are heavy, and yet, you can not fall asleep. It can be caused by a variety of things: anxiety, insomnia, sugar high, etc. This kind of restlessness happens for adults and kids. When our kids…

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He Guards You Even While You Sleep

full moon and gray clouds during nighttime

Important figures such as the President always have at least one bodyguard with them. Officially, we know them as the “Secret Service” and protecting the President is just one of their duties, but perhaps it is the one we see the most. The role of the bodyguard is to ensure the safety of the one…

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In Times of Need Who Do You Call? (And Don’t Say “Ghost Busters”)

sun reflection on calm water near green mountains

Regardless of our age, many of us would answer the question “Who you gonna call?” by shouting “Ghost Busters!” That movie and the lyrics from its theme song are part of our popular culture. But how would we answer when the question is more real than that? In times of need, we know that Christ-followers are supposed to…

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