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Simple Values

We live in a culture of hurry and an unsustainable fast pace. Before we know it, we are burnt out and frustrated. Why? Whether we have the language to pinpoint it or not, we are languishing because we are not living according to the right values. Listen in as we discover how to live a lighter life by living according to Christ-centered values!

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About Our Current Series

The soundtrack of our lives: alarm clocks, horns, sirens, iPhone notifications, phone calls, crying kids, and so on. Our lives are ruled by not just sounds–but more poignantly–hurry. It has been said that hurry is the greatest enemy of our spiritual life. So, why do we hurry? We hurry because life is chaotic, not simple. Yet, the biblical vision for our lives is to live simply and intentionally for the sake of our souls but also our purpose. Join us as we lean in and learn how to simplify our values, our stuff, and our focus!