Message: “Wonderful News For The Pure In Heart” from Robert Wachs

Robert Wachs - October 10, 2021

Wonderful News For The Pure In Heart

In our social media obsessed world, it is easy to get caught up in filters. Yes, some of them are fun like the dog ears or flower crowns, but others make us look like different people all together. Sometimes, the desire to use filters bleeds into our real, everyday lives, and causes us to hide our true selves from those around us. Just think about the last time you showed up to church frazzled and later than you wanted to be, but when someone asked how you were, your immediate answer was, “Great, thanks!” In this beatitude, Jesus is encouraging us to live fully authentically, holding nothing back from Him!

From Series: "A Better Life"

This series takes us through each of the Beatitudes, using N.T. Wright’s translation of them. As we walk through this eight-week series, we are reminded that each of these are not entrance requirements into the kingdom, but rather states of being that reflect the characteristics of a true disciple. The Beatitudes reveal the paradox of happiness based on a posture of the heart.

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