Message: “What Keeps People from Trusting and Valuing the Church?” from Markus Witherspoon

Markus Witherspoon - October 9, 2022

What Keeps People from Trusting and Valuing the Church?

Why did they turn you down? Most of us have had this happen: you invite a friend or family member to church but they say “no,” and it leaves you wondering why. What keeps people from the church? Lean in as we talk about three of the most common objections and what we might do to change the reputation of the church in today’s world!

From Series: "I’m Glad You Asked"

It’s not just you. We all feel like conversations regarding faith, the Bible, and Jesus can be polarizing and uncomfortable in times like these. However, it’s also a time when there are exciting opportunities to have meaningful conversations regarding some big questions revolving around what we believe and why. But this is up to us to lead the way in what it looks like to have compelling conversations. Join us for this series as we talk about some big questions that are worth asking and worth exploring!

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