Message: “The Starting Point of Forgiveness” from Carter Moss

Ocean Beach Content Team - October 31, 2021

The Starting Point of Forgiveness

In order to truly be in relationship with God, we must seek forgiveness from Him. But what does that mean, exactly? Are there big gestures we need to make, ceremonies we need to perform, or specific words we need to say? The beautiful answer is that God’s forgiveness is something He gives freely and abundantly to us, allowing us to have a clear conscience and a loving relationship with Him.

From Series: "Bad Blood"

This series takes us through each of the Beatitudes, using N.T. Wright’s translation of them. As we walk through this eight-week series, we are reminded that each of these are not entrance requirements into the kingdom, but rather states of being that reflect the characteristics of a true disciple. The Beatitudes reveal the paradox of happiness based on a posture of the heart.

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