Message: “The Soundtrack of the Frustrated (Psalm 73)” from Isaac Roberts

Isaac Roberts - July 18, 2020

The Soundtrack of the Frustrated (Psalm 73)

Have you had a day when nothing went right? You wake up late, burn your toast, get a flat tire, and lastly, get the news that there are lay-offs at work. It’s all things that add up as a recipe for frustration. What are we supposed to do with our frustration? Listen in as we address how Psalm 73 leads us away from fixating on our frustrations.

From Series: "The Soundtrack of Summer"

The Bible has a soundtrack within it. All throughout the Bible songs and poems are interwoven throughout the story. However, Psalms is unique in that each Psalm is a song. Like many modern-day songs, there are various themes. Sometimes the Psalm expresses something light-hearted, and sometimes something heavy-hearted. Some are focused solely on God, and some are an exploration of our own condition. The variety of Psalms provides a throwback soundtrack for summer to meditate on and apply for today’s world.

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