Message: “Mother’s Day” from JoAnn Johnson

JoAnn Johnson - May 8, 2022

Mother's Day

The relationship with a mom or mother-figure is the most formative relationship we have as we are growing into who God created us to be. This relationship is also super important to our mental health as we learn attachment styles, coping skills, and self-worth, and many more aspects of our mental health get foundational roots from our earliest memories with our caregivers. So, moms, aunties, and grandmas, your role is incredibly important and not to be taken lightly.

From Series: "Keeping Hope in Mind"

More times than not, church culture gets a bad reputation when it comes to the subject of mental health. Too many people have gotten churchy responses, like “just pray more,” when they express the different ways they are struggling or coping with the struggles they have encountered through their life. In honor of Mental Health Awareness month, we are diving into this subject and how our faith can partner with other tools to help us all have better coping skills and work on our mental health while working on our spiritual health - because both are a life-long journey!

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