Message: “Better Than Life” from Markus Witherspoon

Markus Witherspoon - June 25, 2023

Better Than Life

There is a joke that is no laughing matter… our plans. How rarely do our plans go without a detour–or sometimes–are completely derailed! But how we respond when life does not go our way tells us a lot about us. Lean in as we talk about what soundtrack might match the mood of life when plans do not go our way.

From Series: "Soundtrack of Summer"

Sunny summer weather in San Diego is iconic. Windows down, music up! What songs come to mind for your summer playlist? The Bible is full of songs, in the Old Testament these are called “psalms.” The Psalms are the "songs" of the Old Testament and while they might be old, they are just as important to our playlist as we consider the soundtrack of our summer.

Sermon Notes

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