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Begin Your Week in Worship

Newbreak’s Sermon Study Guide is an in-house resource that serves sermon-based Life Groups and/or individuals who want to reflect further on how the message contributes to their spiritual formation. In this week’s study, we talk about the value of prioritizing Sunday church gatherings and the benefits of doing so.

Icebreakers for Life Groups

  • What is your favorite Fall flavor? Pumpkin? Cinnamon? Apple? Other?
  • Did you grow up going to Church? What was your perception of Church growing up?

Why should I prioritize beginning my week in worship?

Read Acts 2:42–47; 20:7

Point 1 – Gathering regularly creates a rhythm around what is most important.

It’s amazing how much could be said about what we value by how we use our time. Many Christians would say that church is important to them but is the sentiment backed by any action? Make no mistake: We will make time for what we value most. If we truly do value gathering together as the church, our calendar will reflect it. That’s why we want to challenge you to make church a common rhythm for your Sundays. Yes, there are times you will be on vacation or sick, or for some valid reason–but we aren’t talking about the exceptions–we are talking about the common week-to-week practices.

When you read Acts 2:42–47 we see that their rhythm of meeting together was daily at this point. Okay, overachievers much? But in all seriousness, this was for a variety of reasons–especially the fact that the people in your faith community were likely also your neighbors. And this was also a world before cars and such so everything–every part of your day–was more likely to be local and communal. It was not uncommon for life to be shared, from work to meals to raising a family (you get the picture). All of this is to say that Sundays were part of their gatherings throughout the week (as seen in Acts 20:7). The idea is like that of gathering as the church on Sundays and then also being in a Life Group during the week.

The early church immediately adopted Sundays as the day to gather as Christians for two key reasons. First, many of the first Christians were Jews who still maintained their Jewish heritage, which included the observance of the Sabbath on Saturday. So, going to synagogue and having Shabbat dinner and so on would still be part of their rhythm. Second, and more importantly, Sunday was the day of the Lord’s resurrection. And so, gathering together on Sundays was a means to make the resurrection the central defining factor of Christian worship. Christians are the people who recognize that the Messianic era has begun! The end of history is coming and a new beginning is imminent. We live in the last chapter, as it were. All of these things–bound together–fuel the day that reminds us of the purposes of our lives that are far larger and more important than anything else that kick-starts our week!

Questions for Group Discussion or Personal Reflection

  • How does the resurrection of Jesus elevate the significance of Sunday worship gatherings?
  • Gathering together was a natural–albeit important–lifestyle of the early church. What might it look like to place a higher value on gathering together on Sundays and even beyond?
  • How does the early church’s commitment inspire you to be committed to gathering together as a family of faith?

Why should I prioritize beginning my week in worship?

Read Hebrews 10:24–25

Point 2 – Gathering regularly refuels and refreshes us live to out our faith daily.

When we gather together something happens. We are equipped with biblical teaching, we praise our God and draw strength from singing to Him, and we enjoy friendships of one another. Sundays are a day to be refueled and refreshed so that the rest of our week flows from it!

For more on this topic and some practical ideas, read our blog post on the topic.

Questions for Group Discussion or Personal Reflection

  • How have you been refueled or refreshed by making Sundays a priority? Can you sense a difference between the times when your week begins with worship and when it is missing from your rhythm?
  • How does Sunday worship inspire your devotional life the other 6 days of the week?
  • What might be some ways to make Sunday worship more of a bonding activity for you and your family (or friends)? (See the blog, linked above, if you need ideas!)

Memory Verse: Hebrews 10:24-25 (NLT) Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works. And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near.

Final Challenge Questions

  • How are you going to think or live differently in light of what you have read, heard, and discussed this week?
  • How does this week’s message shape or nurture your relationship with God?
  • BONUS: For those of you with kids or around kids: What is one truth from this message that you can share with your kids in a way that they would relate to or understand?

About Our Current Sermon Series

If you know enough Christians, you know how vastly different we can be! Yet, there are some things that bond us in common. We call Jesus our Lord. We believe in his death and resurrection. There are foundational beliefs we hold but also common practices we live out. We thrive when we embrace a common, shared life grounded in our relationship with God and one another. That’s why Newbreak’s strategy is to Begin the week in worship; Belong together in Life Groups; Be the church by serving our communities. These three weeks we will be unpacking each of those and showing the value of why we hold these things in common.

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