Sermon Notes

Letting Go

We’ve all heard the phrase, “New year, new me!” We may have even uttered those words ourselves. Some of us even say this at the beginning of a new month, or nearing our birthdays. It stands to reason that we crave fresh starts because our journey through life can be messy and difficult, leaving us with scars and regrets. God wants to give us that fresh start in our lives as well, allowing us to become everything He has created us to be!

About the "Made for More" Sermon Series

The start of a new year is a natural time of reflection and planning for the future. What we often find as humans is that we like to dream big, but breaking out of our comfort zones can be easier said than done. We even find ourselves struggling to break out of our comfort zone when it comes to things God is calling us to. God reminds us that we are made for more - join us as we discover how to step into that!