Hope, Notes


Hope may just be what you need more than anything else right now. Here’s why: The quality of your hope determines your outlook on today and tomorrow. If we have a bleak view of hope, we are less likely to have the courage and energy to face the day, not even to mention the days to come! But if we listen to the hope of Advent and the light it brings, we may just find a renewed perspective for how we see today and tomorrow.

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About Our Current Series

If we look at the headlines it's easy to feel like darkness is closing in from every side. Violence, division, political polarization, fear, anxiety, economic instability–the list could go on! We see it. We feel it. And sometimes we might even feel suffocated by it. But we have been given a light. This Advent season we look to the light. Jesus, the light of the world. And because of him, we know that darkness will not overcome. Join us as we see how the light of Jesus provides us with hope, victory, peace, and joy!