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Conflict Resolution: It’s Personal

You probably haven’t gone a week without conflict. And that’s okay! Conflict of various varieties and intensities are a normal part of life because we all have relationships. And relationships will experience conflict. However, conflict can either make or break your relationships! Listen in as we talk about how to navigate conflict in a godly way that leads to reconciliation.

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About Our Current Series

Relationships bring out the best and the worst in us. We are lonely without others and yet we are sometimes driven to our wit's end because of those people! Yet, relationships are a vital part of our life. So, the solution is not to neglect or give up on relationships, but to contend to make them better. Improving relationships often include having to navigate things like our character, communication, and even conflict. Growing in these skills fosters healthier relationships. It starts with the person in the mirror; it starts with you! After all, it’s personal.