Notes, Community Reset

Community Reset

We have a crisis on our hands, and no, we are not talking about the economic climate–we are talking about a loneliness crisis. People feel less connected and less known than in decades past. Scripture continually encourages community and so do we! Lean in as we discuss the importance of community as we reset our priorities to focus on “we” more than just “me.”

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About Our Current Series

It’s still hot outside, but summertime is winding down and the school calendar is drawing near! It's the time when we return to rhythms familiar to the calendar year. And yet, what if this was not simply a mindless return? What if this was a time when we intentionally reset? Over the next four weeks, we will be in a sermon series entitled: RESET. Our goal is that you and I enter into the typical fall routines with a fresh perspective of how to go about this with our best foot forward. It'll be a good series with some important themes.