Message: “Truth Over Relativism” from Carter Moss

Ocean Beach Content Team - July 4, 2021

Truth Over Relativism

We live in a world that is constantly encouraging people to “speak their truth” and “live their best life,” but there is only one truth and that is found in the Bible. The beauty of truth is that it gives you permission to live your best life because of the freedom it provides.

From Series: "Compass"

Goal of this series is to help our people develop a biblical worldview and become more biblically literate. Indirectly help them approach the Bible and read it with a greater understanding; reduce intimidation around reading the Bible. Also, help them learn how to “translate” the Bible to others who don’t know Jesus yet. If we become comfortable with cross-cultural translation in our understanding of the Bible, we will better be able to cross cultural barriers that exist in our sharing biblical truths with others.

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