How to Create a Lasting Legacy

After forty years of full-time ministry, one of my greatest concerns was creating a legacy that would outlast my leadership and continue for generations to come.  Having said that, I actually developed this perspective early on in my journey.  While I was still doing my undergraduate work, I read books like Robert Coleman’s “Master Plan of Evangelism,” attended Jack Hayford’s “Pastor’s School” and dove deeply into creating a Biblical view of ministry and the church.  As a result of these types of endeavors, I became fully committed to Jesus’ words in Matthew 28:19-20, and Paul’s writings, particularly in Ephesians and the Corinthian epistles.  God kept crafting my experience and the following are some of these crucial guidelines.

My desire is to be a truly spiritual leader.

I know that may sound simple, but God brought leaders like Ray Rachels, Rick Warren, George Wood, Larry Osborne, John Wimber, Ron Youngblood, and Reuben Welch into my life.  Their example made me hunger for life in the Spirit and creating a truly spiritual culture both at home and within Newbreak.  The spiritual disciplines became very important as I was mentored by books like “Celebration of Discipline” and “The Spirit of the Disciplines.”  In addition to this, God gave me a true gift in my wife Teresa.  She is the most deeply spiritual woman I’ve ever known. After being married to her for practically my entire time with Christ, has given me an amazing perspective of a radical soul adventure.

If my life was going to matter, I must live on-mission.

I saw this in so many of my friends like Steve Pike, Scott Wilson, and Chris Railey.  Jesus’ words in the model prayer, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on the earth as it is in heaven” became a driving force.  Newbreak has always been a church on this mission both locally and globally.  That’s why we’ve been increasingly involved in helping with clean water, education, church planting, and human trafficking solutions around the planet.  We wanted to build this into the framework of everything we do.  Our mission statement is, “Connecting people with God, through authentic relationships, to serve communities.”  We do this everywhere we are, both individually and as a church.  

Carved out of these first two, came a vision statement that ties it all together:  “Developing Christ-centered leaders who change their world.”  I’ve been discipling Pastor Robert Wachs, our lead pastor, for over two decades now.  Robert and his amazing wife, Lisa, are two of the finest examples of this type of leader, and a large part of how I will create a lasting legacy.  This vision and the rest of our vision frame, keeps the campuses, staff, and leadership aligned and as Pastor Robert is fond of saying, “We believe that our best years are ahead!”

My mission happens in a small group.

One of our most important Biblical strategies is to do our spiritual life in life groups.  This is our primary method of discipleship and cultivates a spirit of authenticity.  We say that we are not merely a church that has life groups, but that we are a church made up of life groups.  I have learned more from others in life groups than in any other forum.  Without other radical Christ followers in my life, I don’t know how I would have navigated all of my struggles with cancer, illness, pressure, my battles, raising godly children in an increasingly secular world, as well as growing in my marriage during all the seasons of life.

These are the guiding principles I have centered my life and ministry on, and now they’re the principles that are leading Newbreak Church into the future.  My challenge to you is that you guard this Biblical way of life… beginning each week in worship, belonging to one another in a life group, and becoming the church through serving.  My goal is that you become all that the prophet Jeremiah said in chapter 29:11. “I know the plans I have for you…plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” 


  1. PASTOR. N.JOHN, on January 26, 2021 at 2:06 pm

    My dear Most beloved brothers and sisters in Christ’s Affection,

    Greetings to you and your family and to all your team and Church members in the Mighty name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ,

    PRAISE GOD, I am thinking that today is a good day. Why because I do not know who you are,? And you do not know who I am . but God by his Everlasting Love, He is introducing you by this web site. I came to know all about your valuable work by your web site. And so I am feeling happy in Lord Jesus. PRAISE THE LORD.

    Brother, I am pastor, N. John Founder and director of Sea Coast Gospel Ministry and Social Service in India. I am in Andhra Pradesh State. And I am leading and proceeding in the Christ Gospel Service here. I am near to Sea Shore and Coastal Area and doing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have many Co, pastors with me. And they are preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a wonderful way in their Churches and not only this in their leiser time they are going to village to village and door to door service is doing and preaching the Gospel. And like wise I am also proceeding in this way. And not only preaching the Salvation of Christ but we are distributing the gospel tracts to them. And we are taking care of the Sick people and who are in difficult situations, and praying for them. And in the Areas of Gospel Service we are looking at many Orphan children here and Observing their difficult situation and understanding them. And many Orphan and poor children are troubling much in a dangerous situation like one child fallen in a lake and troubling to save his life. And so we have to try to save them in that situation. So I am trying to save this type of many Orphan children who are getting to death or collapse their lives. And in this manner of service I have put a name for the Orphan service is called a HOUSE OF JOY, which the Orphan children home here. And this name is provided by God Him self only. So my Ministry is decided to save the lives of Orphan children also along with the Gospel Service. And so please pray for us and for my thoughts. And we needed support for Orphan children and for poor pastors. And like wise tracts and book lets and used clothes needed. And needed a site for Orphan children. And some pastors are do not have a Church buildings so they are troubling for it. And so all these things I am putting in your mind and focus by the presence of Lord Jesus Christ. I request you to pray for all this things. It is for House of Joy and Sea Coast Gospel Ministry specially please pray. I am requesting you to be with us and with my Sea Coast Gospel ministry. And if you can send any gospel tracts or book lets I am ready to translate them and print them in my language and share it. And next thing is if you like to come to India and see Our work then I am Welcoming you at present. So please I am requesting you in the name of Lord to come to India once. And there are many problem to tell but I cannot tell now. And if you come to India then you came to know Our situation and my position in Ministry. PRAISE GOD. I am prayer fully waiting for your good and valuable reply. Thanking you my dear Loving Brother,
    Yours Brother in His Service,
    Pastor, N. John.

  2. Karl Vincent Silao on September 26, 2021 at 12:59 pm

    I’m a child of GOD!

  3. sam on February 11, 2022 at 1:08 pm

    Praise the Lord for He is good and His Love Endures forever. Amen.

    We hope all is well and fine in Jesus Name. We proclaim God’s strength, His divine health, His wisdom, guidance, favor, peace, love and joy to be multiplied upon you. We are a small Ministry that ought to equip believers to become disciples of Jesus Christ who grow in loving God and others because the greatest commandment we were given is LOVE, above all we ought to impact the world.Ephesians 4:11-13.

    It is our prayer to lead people into a focused life with Jesus Christ.To achieve this dream we do evangelism to various places to bring more souls to Christ before probation closes, Mark 16:15-16. More importantly we do Bible studies to discover good news and that is how we came to meet your Website. We continue to pray for His impartation, vision and His direction to reign in our lives and our church families too.

    We have taken some time to go through your website, To God Be the Glory, honor and praise for the wonderful articles, teachings and Bible verses that have been quoted. What you believe has brought us a big light and we wish to learn more and be family by doing so you extend your love to Kenya.

    Sincerely we have learnt things that we didn’t know before and we thank God for bringing us together and it is our prayer to have a relationship that will lead us to building this Great Kingdom together. Hence we wish to invite you to our Ministry and bring us Good news From our Father in Heaven. Amen.

    We have been thrilled by what you teach and we are spiritually charged and Encouraged to continue preaching this heavenly message. In the Ministry work, it will be a great pleasure and honor to be a family and work with you. We know by doing so our lives will be supernaturally transformed into a life full of God’s Love and His Protection. Our prayers for you and the church family at Large.

    Above all we are brothers and sisters born of Him. May Grace be upon us which is the empowering presence of God, and love that cometh from our Father, that gives us consolation be with you, your families and the church at Large. We shall write more about ourselves once we hear from you.

    Blessings. We look forward to hearing from you.

    For His Glory,

    Mogoi [For Kenya Mission]

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