Give Clean Water and Kingdom Builders

Give Clean Water was birthed out of Newbreak Church in 2008 and began its own mission of bringing border to border clean water to that country. I know what you are thinking. Why would Fiji need clean water? Don’t we all buy those fancy little square bottles of Fiji Water in our stores? The answer is…yes, Fiji Water comes right from Fiji, but most people don’t realize that Fiji has over 300 islands in its chain. 110 of those islands are inhabited. If you ever get a chance to watch “The World’s Toughest Race” (Amazon Prime), you will see how challenging the Fiji terrain is. It is impossible to pump that Fiji Water to the remote, mountainous villages in Fiji. 

In 2008, half of the population did not have access to clean water. Through the efforts of the newer Fijian government and Give Clean Water’s partnership with them, Fiji now has 75% of their population with clean water. The push to Fiji’s clean water finish line has been ramped up. That’s where Newbreak is once again stepping to the plate.

February of 2021 has been designated Clean Water Month for Newbreak’s Kingdom Builders project.

Newbreak has set a goal to raise $100,000 this month to provide over 10,000 Fijians access to clean water! 100% of the money raised will go directly to Give Clean Water’s efforts in Fiji. You should know that 100% of the money raised will go right to the project as Give Clean Water’s overhead is covered by private donors.

The secret sauce is, if Newbreak reaches the $100K mark, Give Clean Water has secured a matching grant to double the impact! If you’ve ever wondered how you can make a significant impact in the world, here is your chance. You can visit and look for the “Give Now” button. Select the “Choose a Fund” drop down list and choose “Water Project Online Campus.” Again, 100% of the funds received will go directly to this project. Newbreak will not keep any of those funds.

In 2008, Give Clean Water began to ask the question “What if you could change the world?” Matter of fact, Give Clean Water trademarked that phrase. They started with “What if you could change a country?” Now that the first country has been solved with basic clean water access, more countries will follow. The snowball has begun to run downhill. 

What will you do?

The question becomes, will you be an observer on the stage of history, or do you want to be an actor on the stage of history?” Please consider joining the Newbreak Kingdom Builders effort to give clean water to an entire province of Fiji. In the next 3 years, your investment will be a part of solving an entire country! That’s a legacy worth creating!

In 2009, an organization called “The Last Well” began a journey to bring border to border basic clean water access and the Christian message to every man woman and child in the country of Liberia by December of 2020. Over the course of 11 years, over 4,000 hand pump wells were installed or repaired, and 130,000 Sawyer water filters were delivered to the rural, jungle villages of Liberia. Newbreak Church began partnering with The Last Well in 2015, right as the water filter solution was being launched. Another non-profit called Give Clean Water contributed to Best Practices of the Sawyer filters, along with expertise in Monitoring and Evaluating the project with Geographical Information Systems (GIS) software. This led to a verified outcome of 95% diarrhea reduction across Liberia! More on Give Clean Water at the end.

Fast forward to November 11th, at 1pm Liberia time. A team from The Last Well, Newbreak’s International Outreach team, and the Give Clean Water team were there at the finish line. The last well was being dedicated on that day, and the last filters were going into a small jungle village. The dream had become a reality. Everyone said this would be impossible to accomplish, but indeed the clean water equivalent of the first man on the moon was happening. Liberia became the first developing nation with border to border, basic clean water access! The “Forgotten One’s” that lived in the Liberian bush were reached with clean water and the Christian message.

In the Winter of 2020, the Corona Virus was just starting to surface, and non-profits were being faced with a new reality. How would they be able to raise funds when some of their most faithful donors were faced with new economic struggles. The Last Well was surely feeling the effects of this crunch. As the deadline of December 31st was rapidly approaching, 2 Liberian counties were in jeopardy of not getting clean water. In the heat of this challenge, Newbreak Church stepped up to the plate.

Newbreak had already been planning on participating in the Liberia finish line moment, and in February of 2020, Newbreak planned for a big Kingdom Builders weekend focusing on clean water for Liberia. Kingdom Builders is a program of local and international outreach where God’s love is shown in very practical ways. Newbreak set a goal of raising $60K for this weekend. Dr. Todd Phillips from The Last Well, came to Newbreak and delivered an impressive message of hope for Liberia and invited Newbreak to be an actor on the stage of history. In the weeks that followed, $111,000 were raised and 100% of that went towards reaching every person in Liberia with clean water.

Nine months later, it is that magical November 11th day. As the team entered into the last clean water villages, they were met by a sea of people dressed in bright African attire. The crowd that gathered resembled a championship sporting event. There was music, singing, dancing, and a banquet of food fit for a King and Queen! After the festivities, we made our way to the last village well that was being dedicated. “Water is Life!” “This well will bring your community years of life.” That day the message of Living Water was also shared. The clean water equivalent to the first man on the moon was literally happening before our eyes. 

From the water well ceremony, the team made their way to the last village that would receive water filters in each home. Previously to the effort of The Last Well, this would have been a forgotten village. It was not big enough to receive a hand pump well, but they were not forgotten. This village signified that the finish line was completed! 

So, what was next now that this achievement had been accomplished? How about 3 countries in the next 3 years? With a wealth of knowledge and experiences, The Last Well is joining forces again with Give Clean Water, to bring clean water to the Fiji Islands, Solomon Islands, and the Marshall Islands. 

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