Notes The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

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The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

It’s easy to recognize the ways in which we all have innate talents, but did you know that you are not just talented, you are spiritually gifted? Lean in as we talk about the Holy Spirit-empowered gifts we are given to benefit the communities around us!

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Spiritual Gifts Assessment

Newbreak Church believes that God has designed each one of us with unique gifts. These gifts and talents can lie dormant in the life of Christians who have become content with simply a mediocre faith. But God desires to activate and mobilize his children to accomplish his mission and purpose in the earth. We are here to help you do just that.

About Our Current Series

Have you ever had a time when you had to live with a roommate? Maybe it was during college or during a part of your early adulthood or some other circumstances. When you live with a roommate it is like living with a stranger. Many of us view the Holy Spirit in a similar way. He is like a stranger who has access to us but we don’t know how to interact with him. Lean into this sermon series with us as we talk about how the Holy Spirit unlocks new power, gifts, and fruit in our life as we learn to walk with him!