Notes, redemption

Redemption (Easter)

Think back on your life; the highs, the lows, and everything in between. Can you pinpoint a moment that felt like it changed absolutely everything and you would never be the same? Perhaps when you graduated college, got engaged or married, became a parent? Possibly something that doesn’t feel as celebratory, like the loss of a relationship or loved one? Good Friday felt like those more difficult moments that changed the trajectory of life, but the celebratory and exciting moment of the resurrection was on the horizon unbeknownst to the followers of Jesus at the time.

About "The Story of Everything" Sermon Series

We often talk about being created in the image of God, how sin has affected our world, and the importance of Jesus walking here on earth as a man without sin. Those facts are central to our faith and walk as Christ-followers, as well as incredibly important during the Easter season. Let’s journey through The Story of Everything together!