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Prayer of Humility

What do you think of yourself? Let’s talk about humility. Isn’t that just a synonym for self-deprication? Not exactly. And rather than being simply about how we see ourselves, humility radically reveals how we see God, and our perception of how he sees us, and how we see others in light of all this. So, why should humility be part of my everyday conversations with God?

About Our Current Sermon Series

“What do I say?” It’s not just a question that is asked when seeking advice on how to interact with someone–anyone. It is also a question that is common for people to wonder when it comes to talking to God. Prayer is a way of being with God, and often it is conversational. You could say that prayer is an “everday conversation” that we all are invited to have with God. And while many of the things that come up in the conversation will be spontaneous felt needs, this sermon series is meant to challenge you to consider four topics that will benefit your life if they become part of your everyday conversations with God.