Notes, Live Dead (Kingdom Builders)

"Live Dead"

Sermon Notes

There are numerous stories coming from our global partners telling us about how the unreached are actually being reached with the life-changing message of Jesus! When we hear this we double down on our belief that we are to continue to support these partners and also that we are to live more like them in our own context as well.

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About Our Current Series

“The world is going to hell in a handbasket,” as many commonly say. It is true that we are watching the rise of secularism reach new heights as the prevailing culture pressures Christ-followers to adapt or move to the margins of society until they are in total obscurity or extinction. The Bible refers to this kind of society as “Babylon.” We are in Babylon and we have a choice to make. Will we compromise? Will we retreat and hide? Or will we thrive? Join us as we learn what it looks like to thrive in Babylon!