Notes - God is Rich

God is Rich

Would you consider yourself to be rich? It’s amazing how privileged we are to live in America. Here, even if money is tight, we live in the luxury of the first world. As Christians, we see our privilege not as something to hoard but as something we steward. This Kingdom Builders weekend we talk about some wisdom the apostle Paul gives us on how our generosity can literally change the world.

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About Our Current Series

Did you know that what you believe about God is the most important thing about you? In other words, nothing is more important than knowing God. Learning about God–who he is and what he is like–is called “theology.” Theology isn’t just for the spiritually elite, it is for everyone! It is as basic as a child’s question about God or as vast as a scholar’s life time investigation–and everything in between! Theology matters because it affects how we pray, how steward our finances, how we treat others–literally everything! This is an invitation to the curious, to those who want to know God more and even enjoy him!