Mental Health and Moms

The message this Mother’s Day weekend from Pastor JoAnn Johnson, in Ruth 1:1-7, reminds us that the relationship with a mom or mother-figure is the most formative relationship we have as we are growing into who God created us to be. This relationship is also super important to our mental health as we learn attachment styles, coping skills, and self-worth, and many more aspects of our mental health get foundational roots from our earliest memories with our caregivers. So, moms, aunties, and grandmas, your role is incredibly important and not to be taken lightly.

As you listen in, you will be:

  1. Challenged to invest well in the relationship with your children, or the children you have influence on.
  2. Encouraged to strengthen the relationship in our lives.

Motherhood ain't easy!

Raising the life that God has entrusted you with can be overwhelming and exhausting, which has only been made more apparent over this last year. Moms, your love and care of others is so valued and appreciated, and we want to be sure you take good care of yourselves as well! Read this article by Executive Pastor JoAnn Johnson and then watch the following YouTube video as she sits down with Kelsey Roberts to talk about mom life and the things they do to pour into their kids, as well as themselves.