Holding on to Identity

The message this weekend from Pastor Markus Witherspoon, pulling from different passages throughout the Bible, reminds us that as we grow up, there are often many names and labels placed on us. Your grandpa may affectionately call you by a nickname, whereas that schoolyard foe may call you mean and teasing names. Then there are always the labels of middle child, athlete, scholar, class clown, goody two shoes, just like your father; the list goes on. The thing about some of those labels is that we can allow them to become the negative track that plays in our heads and subsequently the groundwork for the shame we begin to feel. The good news of Jesus is His ability to see that while some of those labels may even have truth to them, you are worth so much more than those becoming your identity!

As you listen in, you will be:

  1. Challenged to take a look at the shame we carry with us.
  2. Encouraged to take that shame off and live in the truth of who God says you are!