Kids Online

Your Kids' Home for All Things Digital

We believe online church services should be available for the whole family! Just as adults can participate in online church services here, we want our kids to have online options for the lessons and experiences they would otherwise enjoy during their regular kids' church service.

Family Church

We are resourcing parents every week by preparing you for ministry with your kids through Family Church. When you sign up via email you will receive weekly access to NB Kids resources, including our monthly overview, worship music, and memory verse motions.

Weekly Resources

When you subscribe via email, you will receive weekly access to message and worship videos, activity pages, memory verse resources, and family discussion questions.


As parents we can often struggle to articulate the difficult circumstances going on in the world with our children at age appropriate levels, especially when we ourselves may be struggling too.  Here is a great resource that provides guides specifically for crisis conversations with our kids at a variety of ages.

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