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Gayle Congdon - May 22, 2020

Kingdom Builders with Gayla Congdon from Amor Ministries

The recent "shelter in place" has probably made you grateful to have a place to shelter in. But what about those who don't? Under fifty-miles away, just across the border, are real families with no place to call "home." Being exposed to the elements is worrisome enough, but especially during a pandemic. So we are asking you to join us in taking action! Listen in as we hear from Gayla Congdon, Co-Founder of Amor Ministries, as she tells us all that God has done and is inviting us to do in providing homes for families in need, even during the global crisis.

From Series: "Kingdom Builder's Weekend"

Kingdom Builders is how we fund the people and projects working both locally and globally to bring the life-changing gift of God's grace to their world. Newbreak's goal in 2020 is to raise $1 million for all of our Kingdom Builder projects -- from providing clean drinking water to building houses; from freeing sex trafficking victims to providing education for the marginaized; from planting new churches to raising up the next generation. Here at Newbreak, we are Kingdom Builders and invite you to be one too!

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