Vision Framework

Our Vision is Developing Christ-Centered Leaders Who Change Their World.


Our mission is the compass that guides us in what we are doing.

 “Connecting people with God though authentic relationships to serve communities.”


Our values are the lame that burns within our church and reveal the shared convictions and strengths that fuel the why behind our actions.

“Keep it simple. Do it together. Make it better. Give it away.” 


Our strategy is the flashlight that shows how we engage our people in our mission.

  1. Begin the week in worship.
  2. Belong together in Life Groups.
  3. Be the church by serving.


Our measures are our target and reflect when we are successful in accomplishing the mission.

Our twelve measures are organized under three phrases of the mission statement as follows: 

Connecting People with God

  • Experiencing God's Grace
  • Embracing Biblical Truth
  • Practicing Spiritual Disciplines
  • Developing Biblical Stewardship 

Through Authentic Relationships

  • Gracious Accountability
  • Committing to Family
  • Building Servant Leadership
  • Expressing Christ-like Character 

To Serve Communities

  • Sharing Your God Story
  • Being Socially Aware
  • Demonstrating Grace
  • Cultivating a Generous Heart

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