How Faith and Works Complete Each Other

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Have you ever heard someone say the Bible has a lot of contradictions? Often, critics of the Christian faith will attempt to dismantle the validity of the Bible by suggesting that the Bible “contradicts itself.” One of the classic examples is the alleged contradiction between Paul and James. Here is how it goes.  “You see…

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How to Make Sure Each Sermon You Listen to Makes a Lasting Impact!

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Millions of people all around the country begin their week in worship. Whether in-person or online, we aim to provide engaging, encouraging, and practical content each Sunday in the form of a sermon. Chances are, you have listened to many sermons in your life! Now, how well are you retaining everything you are hearing? We…

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The Danger of Being “Double-Minded”

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What do you think of when you hear the phrase “double-minded”? defines double-minded as “wavering or undecided in mind.” This is clearly not a desirable trait, but it’s easy to fall into. And the Bible warns us of the danger of being “double-minded,” but it does so, using even more colorful language. So, what…

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