If You Could Pray Like Elijah…

group of people waving their hands

Do you remember being a child and dreaming about being like one of your heroes? What if someone told you that you could do what they did just as well as them. Would you believe them? Probably not. Hypothetically, if ancient Jews ever had costume parties, little Jewish children would have dressed up like Elijah.…

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The Key Ingredient That De-escalates Conflict

person standing and making dough

When talking about conflict, there is a key ingredient that is renowned for de-escalating conflict, and it may not be what you expect: humility. When someone takes the posture of humility during a conflict, suddenly the one-upping ceases. It is like turning off the gas burner underneath a pot of boiling water; it may take…

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What’s Guarding Your Mouth?

Choose your words tiles

We all have been there. Our blood is boiling. Emotions are rising. And the next words that come from our mouth are ones we wish we could take back. Whether this is a fight with a spouse, friend, child, or co-worker… it is a common experience. Thankfully, forgiveness and reconciliation help patch up the war…

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How Faith and Works Complete Each Other

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Have you ever heard someone say the Bible has a lot of contradictions? Often, critics of the Christian faith will attempt to dismantle the validity of the Bible by suggesting that the Bible “contradicts itself.” One of the classic examples is the alleged contradiction between Paul and James. Here is how it goes.  “You see…

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The Danger of Being “Double-Minded”

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What do you think of when you hear the phrase “double-minded”? Dictionary.com defines double-minded as “wavering or undecided in mind.” This is clearly not a desirable trait, but it’s easy to fall into. And the Bible warns us of the danger of being “double-minded,” but it does so, using even more colorful language. So, what…

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