What If the Church Was a Family?

two men holding ear others hand

It was close to a decade ago. A man was having Thanksgiving dinner at a breakfast diner alone… even pausing right there, no one should be eating Thanksgiving alone. He could not quite get comfy in the booth, and he could not quite figure out when asking for another refill of coffee was too much.…

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What We Can Learn from the Liturgy of Seasons

yellow leafed tree near concrete building at daytime

Seasons are creation’s liturgy. Each season has its own lesson for us. Fall teaches us that a change of pace and even of conditions are what the soul needs. How can our souls be any different? It’s not technically Autumn yet, I get it! I know that Fall doesn’t technically begin until September 22nd, but…

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The Small Shift that Can Make a Big Difference for Your Kids

two person step on gray soil

It is an exciting thing to watch friends and family members become parents. Suddenly, there are limitless subjects of interest to bond about and discuss with the wild world of parenting. And while there are many “game-changers” for parents, there is one thing in particular that will make a big difference for dads (both parents…

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Setting Some Spiritual Goals for 2021

white ceramic mug on table

“New year, new you!” Right? Well, not exactly. For as much hype as a turn of the calendar brings, rarely do people actually put the effort into actually becoming the person they say they will become. There is usually a gap between our new year’s resolutions and our regimens to get there. While goals can…

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When Attenders Become Contenders

man holding book on road during daytime

What are you passionate about? A sports team? The latest technology? Your car? Your garden? Whatever it is, you could tell us a lot about it! You could probably unpack the history regarding that subject, along with practical, and fun facts. All of us are learners when it comes to things we are interested in.…

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Collaborating Together Despite Our Differences

One thing we could learn from the most recent impeachment trial is that America is more divided than ever. We have come to accept that votes on a variety of issues will simply fall along party lines. We wonder if people really focus on the individual positions or policies. Every topic seems to be polarizing.…

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Healthy Relationships – How Much Connection Is Enough?

Love God and Love Others. Jesus said those were the two greatest commands (Mark 12:28-31). You’re probably familiar with that famous instruction, but do you know what is non-negotiable in both of these imperatives? Here’s a hint: It’s not the command to “love”. Rather, it is the existence of relationships. Not just any relationships, but…

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