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Where is God?

Think about a time when the emotional pain of life felt overwhelming. Putting comparisons aside, we all walk through suffering in this life and it causes many of us to wonder: Where is God in this? This exact question has caused some to doubt their faith and for some is an obstacle to faith. As we explore this question we will see that God is not dormant, distant, or disengaged despite our suffering–he is near to us through it all.

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About Our Current Series

It’s not just you. We all feel like conversations regarding faith, the Bible, and Jesus can be polarizing and uncomfortable in times like these. However, it’s also a time when there are exciting opportunities to have meaningful conversations regarding some big questions revolving around what we believe and why. But this is up to us to lead the way in what it looks like to have compelling conversations. Join us for this series as we talk about some big questions that are worth asking and worth exploring!