Wonderful News For The peacemakers

Wonderful News For The Peacemakers

Opposition is, unfortunately, a guaranteed part of life; it’s why there are sayings like, “he’s just not my cup of tea.” This can be especially true when we choose a life of following Jesus as there will be people we encounter who view our relationship with Him as foolish, which can make remaining faithful incredibly difficult. Opposition or persecution is certainly not something that we want to deal with in our lives, but Jesus says there is wonderful news for us!

About "A Better Life" Sermon Series

This series takes us through each of the Beatitudes, using N.T. Wright’s translation of them. As we walk through this eight-week series, we are reminded that each of these are not entrance requirements into the kingdom, but rather states of being that reflect the characteristics of a true disciple. The Beatitudes reveal the paradox of happiness based on a posture of the heart.