God-Sized Miracles for Kingdom Builders

One of the most amazing things about God is that he is a God of multiplication. This is demonstrated throughout the Bible, but we have also seen this with our own eyes. Just look at the impact our church here in San Diego has had all over the globe throughout the years. Just this year we have made an impact in providing clean water to those without access to it, after school programs and school buildings to for children in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, victims of human trafficking in our own backyard of San Diego as well as Nepal, not to mention partnering with our local schools and community organizations to build a healthier community around us. But our work partnership with God to impact the world for Him is not done!

About the "Bad Blood" Sermon Series

This series takes us through each of the Beatitudes, using N.T. Wright’s translation of them. As we walk through this eight-week series, we are reminded that each of these are not entrance requirements into the kingdom, but rather states of being that reflect the characteristics of a true disciple. The Beatitudes reveal the paradox of happiness based on a posture of the heart.