Message: “Your Words Have Power” from Jared Johnson

Jared Johnson - May 5, 2024

Your Words Have Power

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” This old adage is said often but completely untrue. Many of us can probably think of plenty of times when the power of words have torn us down or inspired us forward in a positive direction. Lean in with Newbreak Church as we see what James has to say about the power of the words we speak!

From Series: "The Book of James"

The world’s landscape rapidly changed after the resurrection of Jesus. As God’s work of redeeming people continued, communities were formed. But the truth is we are still messy even while we are redeemed. James writes with a bluntness and candor that is unique in the New Testament. But amidst the direct, proverbial nature, he speaks truths that still land with us 2,000 years later. Here we learn how to put feet to our faith and live lives congruent with our beliefs!

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