Message: “Real Justice” from Jared Johnson

Jared Johnson - August 22, 2020

Real Justice

What kind of “religion” is God looking for you to be involved in? In other words, what does God care about and how do I get on board with that? Listen in as we talk about how God is passionate about justice and mercy, and how we have a crucial part to play.

From Series: "Real Faith"

Let’s be real. Life is full of a variety of challenges and obstacles that require wisdom to overcome. The good news is that the Bible continually speaks to issues that people of every generation have to navigate through. James writes his letter in a real and raw manner. He intends to address many issues head-on. Sometimes it is refreshing to have someone speak so bluntly! Join us as we glean from the wisdom of James on seven key topics that will help us address the real challenges we face with real solutions.

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