Message: “Open-Handed Prayers” from Mike Quinn

Mike Quinn - October 10, 2020

Open-Handed Prayers

How do I pray when I feel so overwhelmed with anxiety? Sometimes pray seems like it is the last thing that will actually aid the situation we find ourselves in. If you have thought that before then we invite you to listen in as we talk about how we are able to give God our feelings, desires, and trust.

From Series: "Prayers of Jesus"

As Christians, Jesus is not only our Lord, He is also our example. Amongst the many things the disciples learned from Jesus, learning how to pray was one of their go-to inquiries! As the Gospels recount the prayers of Jesus we have a chance to listen in and see how Jesus meets us in our humanity and struggle and offers us vicarious wisdom to apply to our own lives. Join us as we look at four key prayers of Jesus and how they inspire us to pray differently!

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