Message: “Leaving Control Behind” from Markus Witherspoon

Markus Witherspoon - August 7, 2022

Leaving Control Behind

Why do we chase after control? Because control makes us feel like we can map out the future–giving us peace of mind. But control is an illusion. We don’t actually have control over all the aspects of our lives. But what if we don’t need “control” in order to have peace regarding the future? In this message we will rediscover how trusting God helps us embrace his provision, protection, and process.

From Series: "Endless Vacation "

Summer is known for a few iconic things: Sunny days with late evenings sunsets; barbecues with friends; cooling down in the ocean or pool, and of course–vacations. It’s well established that most families take a vacation during the summertime. And while in the peak of it they might even think: “I wish this vacation would never end.” There is something to be said about having an endless vacation, but we are not talking about never returning to the rhythms of home and work. We mean that some things are worth not just a one-week break, but an “endless vacation.” In this sermon series, we will unpack what things we should leave behind–for good!

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